Double Dog Double Pale Ale Review

If you’re a fan of hops and aroma’s you’ll want to checkout Flying Dog’s Canis Major beer known as Double Dog Double Pale Ale. Pour it into a glass and enjoy the rich amber color with a forthy white head which fades after a few minutes.

Before sipping, take a moment to enjoy the hoppy aromas, the smell of a dry bouquet of flowers a hint of citrus or lime; very organic in scent. Slowly sip and take in all the flavors that bombard your pallet, the Cascade hops assert themselves upon your tongue with a citrus peel taste while the Columbus hops leave a slight bitter feeling followed by a dry alcohol aftertaste with hints of chocolate.

Be wary, this beer is 11.5% alcohol by volume and can lay you out flat if you sip a few too many. However, Double Dog Double Pale Ale is a beer worth savoring slowly and with care. There are too many hop flavors to drink this beer too quickly and its potent punch will keep you in check.

This is the type of beer that is best enjoyed with a group of friends so that you can share the experience with others. If you’re like many of our podcast hosts and guests, you’re always up for a hoppy beer with tastes that won’t let you down. This beer is one of the most complex of the Canis Major series and offers more than just a typical brew.


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