World’s Largest Flip Cup Tournament

Just when you think you’ve learned how to master all of life’s great skills, you’ve got to sit down and train for a Flip Cup Tournament. You and your team will need to train hard in the art of drinking beer quickly, flipping cups with dexterity of a cat and rooting your team to a final victory.

What the hell am I talking about? Flip Cup. It’s a drinking game where each team must consume a beverage, put the cup on the edge of the table in a standing position and flip it upon its mouth. The winning team claims victory, and in the case of the Worlds Largest Flip Cup Tournament, the rights to be called a Flip Cup god… or something.

What do you do when you have uber Flip Cup skills? You start a Flip Cup League like the Flip Cup Guys. What do you do if you play Flip Cup? You join in their tournament. If you’re in the Yew York area or plan to be on October 11th, you can check yourself into a game before you check yourself into a clinic (just kidding, be careful, drink responsibility).


Everyone wishes they were still in college. The parties, the late nights, the parties, the sleeping until all hours of the day, the parties…..

What better way to return to your college days than with a game of Flip Cup? How about the largest game of Flip Cup ever played in the U.S.?

Flip Cup Guys, the nation’s largest organizer of flip cup tournaments, is making flip cup even BIGGER with the launch of its World’s Largest Flip Cup Tournament (WLFCT). Flip Cup will never be the same again! The event will be held on October 11, 2008 at the M1-5 Bar and Lounge in New York City.

Those eager to flip in WLFCT can log on to www.FlipCupGuys.com to register themselves, and their teammates, and familiarize themselves with the rules of the game and the tournament.  With brackets calling for 64 six-player teams, and venue space allowing for hundreds of spectators, participants will be able to let loose, show off their team spirit, enjoy open beer bar specials, and compete for eternal glory.

Flip Cup Guys will be expanding their Flip Cup empire nationwide in 2009.

If you’re still questioning, checkout youtube.com and search for flip cup. Or check this out:


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