Flying Dog’s Garde Dog: Biere De Garde

Garde DogSpring is here in the United States and, although quite cold yet, there is no better way to ring the Spring in than a good golden brew. Everyday Drinkers has had the honor of being given an advanced copy of Flying Dog’s next seasonal: Garde Dog, Biere De Garde.

In my hasty excitement I ran over to drop it into the beer fridge for a few hours chill. Unfortunately, after arriving with a “late spring” stomach virus I had to hold out before I could taste all of its glory. However, like a true patriot of “beerdom,” I poured the gorgeous bottle only one day after recovery! My senses were ready, my buds were warmed up and it was time to pour the contents of this bottle into a clean glass.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, Garde Dog presents itself with a bright golden glow resembling that of a warm spring morning with a slight chill in the air. Tiny carbonated bubbles rise from bottom to greet the surface with glee leaving a slight white head which clings to the glass upon sipping. Initial taste yields a lightly bodied malty sweet balance with a prickle of carbonation playing on the tip of my tongue.

If you’re into Spring seasonal brews you’ll fall in love quickly as this lighter styled beer works well on its own or with lighter foods. Unlike some Summer brews it doesn’t have any overbearing wheat taste to it, although the beer does reflect earthy tones of a white ale, it doesn’t give you the sense of chewing on grain. The color is also a bit more of a very light copper when raised to the sky, not as hazy as a typical summer seasonal.

Flying Dog’s Biere De Garde is 5.5% alcohol by volume and goes down as quickly as a light styled beer should. If you like a more hoppy beer, you may want to shop around or try one of Flying Dog’s other styles, this beer is more malt than hop but not enough malt to make you think Winter Ale. It’s as if the folks at Flying Dog knew to wean out the malts as Winter fades and bring in a bit of the wheat taste as Summer slowly takes hold. Genius!

If you’re looking to introduce a friend or relative to beer this season start them on a Garde Dog from Flying Dog Brewery, you won’t regret it. And, as always, they put effort into making the label a conversation piece as well. It’s a social time of year, if you’re going to party with your friends you’re going to need a good ice breaker and the crazy dog on the label with the bright blue cap is a great starter!

Unfortunately, by the time this writing ends so does my advanced bottle of Garde Dog. Now I must sit and await the tides of Spring to rise upon the snow worn shores of my front yard.

Welcome to Spring. Cheers!


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