Magic Hat’s Fat Angel Ale

Fat AngelIf there is a single beer on the shelves that one must buy because of the name or bottle it’s got to be a Magic Hat brew. How can you take it serious? Really, the only way to know is to give it a try!

If you’re familiar with the Magic Hat brand of beers you’ll find their ale will fit into the Magic Hat catalog extremely well as it’s a lightly carbonated slightly fruity ale. Magic Hate #9 is fruitiest beer I’ve tasted and Fat Angel is nothing compared to it in terms of fruity but you almost feel a hint of the #9 in this recipe as well. Let the ale roll around in your mouth for a few seconds and you’re tongue will feel the prickles of the carbonation working but the light flavors are very well received.

The beer does have a slight hoppy aroma with a hint of fruitiness but nothing overwhelming and mostly fits as an aroma–not much in taste. Letting the ale slide around a bit longer on the pallet and you’ll notice most of the fruit flavor and hop taste is actually the smell rising through your nasal passages while the beer itself is a solid ale. You must pour this ale in a clear glass to see its rich golden color like a thick copper. The look is nothing but quality even though the label, name and bottle have slightly odd attributes.

Magic Hat’s Fat Angle Ale is 4.8% alcohol by volume and is described on their website as:

“This beer offers a complex palate that balances the rich pleasures of malt with the crisp refreshing flavor of hops with a finish that is fresh and clean. Eminently drinkable, Fat Angel brings divergent tastes together to create a satisfyingly smooth harmony. Fat Angel is amber in the glass and a great session beer.”

I’m not sure I agree with Magic Hat’s method of marketing, using crazy names to get buyers but it seems to work for them. The beer is nothing but professional as a lighter style beer so you may have to work a bit to get over the fact that your partaking in a “Fat Angel.” Personally, I don’t know any Fat Angels but I guess they’d taste pretty good.

As a side note, I’ve found their website way too complex to navigate. I think they’d give users a much better experience with a dumbed down more simple, less busy, website. But oh well, some folks go out of their way to make hugely complex flash websites for alcoholic beverages.

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    October 3, 2009 at 12:53 am

    Too bad Magic Hat sent the chubby cherub to the old angel home. Never to be seen again. It is a sin, truly a sin.

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