Averna Limoni Di Sicilia – A Tasty After Dinner Digestivo

Averna Limoni Di SiciliaAfter a big tasty dinner, sometimes you just want to kick up your feet and relax. Have you had one of those nights where you’ve finished your dinner and instantly crave something sweet? You’ll tear down a wall, toss furniture and rip through the cabinets looking for something a bit sweet to take the edge off.

Okay, you might not be that insane over sweets, but you’ve got a craving and it needs to be satisfied. Limoni Di Sicilia might satisfy the craving for sweets as an after dinner drink or just to relax after a stressful day at work. Chill it or pour it over a few cubes of ice and you’re on your way to a relaxing experience.

This is a lemon liquor that stands alone amongst the Limoncello liquor styles because it’s actually made with Sicilian lemons, not waters and sugars. Natural ingredients often make the difference when talking about most food and drink products and Limoni Di Sicilia from Averna is no different. You want flavored water with some sugars and grain alcohol or do you want a real beverage?

Much like fake Tequila (aka a mixto), one “in the know” wants something that tastes like it’s really supposed to taste. One sniff from this real Lemon Liqueur and you’ll feel like you’re bathing in lemons. The flavor even smells natural with a citrus blast that makes you want to pour a glass.

At 27% alcohol (54 proof), you’ll barely taste the alcohol… but you’ll feel it. The aftertaste is a mix of alcohol and lemons while the taste is nothing but an intense sweet citrus lemon taste. Not sickening sweet but not flat either, Limoni is a perfect after dinner drink; this is like the GoldSchlaeger of lemons from the land of Italy.

Although I’m a fan of drinking it straight you can mix or blend Limoni to build a lemon flavored cocktail or maybe complement a lemon meringue pie or some other lemony sweet dessert. Man, now I want some pie…


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