Holiday Gifts For Wine Drinkers

You’ve got a friend or family member that loves wine? You’re looking for a good holiday gift for the wine lover? You’ve drawn a family members name in a secret Santa pick and you want to get them some wine accessories?

Here are a few suggestions for wine lovers, these are things I’ve received or want this holidays and I know others would love them too. First, let’s start small.

Wine Charms

The wine charm is a simple gift, varying in price but cheap enough to give to a person in a secret Santa or Yankee swap because they’re low valued gifts. If your value is $5.00 or less this works great, if it’s $10.00 or less you can buy two without feeling like you’re cheaping out.

The wine charms are often overlooked as a gift but when you’ve got them on your glasses people go “hey, this is a great idea!” The purpose of a wine charm is to link a specific item to a wine glass so everyone in the family can drink without asking “is this mine?” Now, you can remember “I’ve got the grape charm” while someone else says “I’ve got the glass charm.”

Wine Storage Set

A wine lover may not finish a bottle the minute it has been opened. Both white and red wine can enjoy a wine storage set, a vacuum system which preserves the wine longer by sucking out air after it’s capped. I use these whenever I do a review of a wine or when opening a new bottle for the week so I can have one glass a night. It would be unrealistic (and not pretty) if I finished a bottle of red every night after work! Vacuuming out the air gives me a good week of preservation without losing too much of the original taste.

Wine Foil Cutter

Nothing is as annoying as struggling with complicated foil on your wine bottle. Pull it off with your finger and risk a metal paper cut? No thanks! The foil cutter is cheap, may go great with a few other wine accessories as a “kit” and saves the wine lover a bit of time. Do they already have one? You can never risk having a second or replacing an older highly used foil cutter.

Wine Drip Stop

A simple but affective holiday gift, the wine drip stop keeps that annoying last-drip of wine from sliding down the bottle and staining your table cloth during a fancy meal. I can deal with a drip when drinking by myself but at family functions it can become a messy affair because there are plenty of careless (drunk?) folks that don’t bother to clean up after pouring a glass of wine. This solves that problem for cheap money!

Accessory Gift Set Kit Corkscrew Opener

The ultimate wine kit for this holidays! I’ve received this twice in two years and continue to use them both during larger parties (we’ve got a big family). Although I tend to like the standard corkscrew systems a bit more than these rather complicated ones, most people don’t agree with me–they love them. I was having a discussion over a bottle of Merlot last week involving this style of corkscrew opener and everyone thinks their easier, faster and fun to use. I’m still on the edge, but you don’t have to agree with me–remember, you’re buying for them.


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