Tour of Baileys Irish Cream

Last night, at a dinner party at Legal Seafoods, I ordered a unique drink: Baileys Flight. It was more of a “tour of Baileys” where you’re given three shots of Baileys on a piece of paper with their description so you could rank them.

The first shot I had was a Godiva chocolate Baileys shot, very sweet and smooth. This would be a great addition to any non-flavored coffee to add a chocolate hint and a bit of alcohol. The second shot, Mint Chocolate which had a fairly potent mint taste, a little more than I really want in an Irish cream flavored drink.

The best, of all, was the third shot they gave in the series. The Baileys Creme Caramel was a great sipping beverage, perhaps not as great in a coffee as it is by itself. The Caramel complimented the standard Baileys flavor extremely well and tasted much like coffee itself.

Their new range of flavors is an exciting addition to the Baileys family. I don’t know if I’d stock all their flavors in my house but knowing I can buy one that I really liked, such as the Caramel flavor, makes me feel all warm inside. Maybe it’s just the holiday season growing on me.

In any case, Baileys is a worthwhile score and their flavors make it all the more creamy.


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