Relax With Hot Coffee, Kahlúa and a Dream

There are many selections of alcohol to choose from but nothing drains the troubles of a hard day away like a relaxing cup of coffee mixed with Kahlúa, Brandy or Baileys Irish Cream. I don’t know about you, but when I go out to a nice Italian restaurant I have a hard time passing up a cup of espresso and liquor.

Kahlúa is your standard ‘coffee liquor’ produced with finely-picked Mexican coffee beans roasted to perfection and mixed with their own secret recipe of ingredients. It doesn’t matter what is inside the bottle because it tastes great on ice, neat or in your favorite cup of joe.

Now, you can purchase a Kahlúa Hazelnut or Kahlúa French Vanilla to create a new blend of black russian, mudslide or any of their famous Kahlúa recipes. So far, my favorite has always been the Kahlúa Especial because it’s a bit more potent at 70 proof and mixes well in a warm coffee. However, the Hazelnut and French Vanilla will be my next purchase so I can hide it in a cup of the French Vanilla or Hazelnut coffee to enhance the flavors.

One of their French Vanilla Black Russian recipes calls for:

2 Parts Kahlúa French Vanilla
1 Part Stoli Vodka
Pour over ice.

I’m a big fan of the Black Russian and this would make it taste even sweeter, perhaps more like a local donut shop. Change that recipe to 1 Part Kahlúa French Vanilla and add in 1/2 Part espresso and you have what they call a Kahlúa Espresso Martini — sweet!

The holidays are upon us and I cannot think of a better drink to snuggle up to near a warm fire than a coffee enhanced Kahlúa experience. Plus, the caffeine will keep me up long enough to see the last embers burn out.

Of course, Baileys Irish Cream is a close second for coffee flavor of choice.


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