Brandy and Eggnog – A Holiday Treat

For many of us, November and December is about the time we’re swept away with the desire for eggnog. For adults we sometimes want to ‘spice it up’ a bit with some brandy, what better way to spread holiday cheer?

If you’re in the New England area you may be familiar with the hood family of products, including their wide assortment of eggnog flavors.

Here is the problem, I mixed some Sugar Cookie Eggnog into my brandy expecting to be overjoyed by the result. Not so much what I had expected.

The taste was okay, at first, because I used a lot of brandy so I was given plenty of beautiful brandy flavored explosions on my pallet. The next day I tried another glass with a light hint of brandy (because I only wanted a small treat) and the Sugar Cookie Eggnog was fairly overwhelming.

To that point, straight Sugar Cookei Eggnog was a bit more than I think I am able to handle. I’ve had Vanilla Eggnog and it had a nice hint of creamy vanilla without an overwhelming flavor. This might go better with a brandy than a Sugar Cookie flavoring which is a bit potent.

I highly suggest, when mixing brandy with eggnog, that you stick with a traditional eggnog or make your own (although that’s more work than I want to handle). Brandy tastes great straight or mixed with eggnog or other fine beverages but stick with the non-flavored versions and let the brandy win the contest of aroma instead of a fake tasting cookie.

For some reason, though, I’ve got an overwhelming desire for a sugar cookie…


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