Holiday Gift: Wine Corkscrews? Lever Style CorkscrewFor the last two years I’ve been given a corkscrew for a gift for Christmas and each one has disappointed. These lever-style corkscrews have never lived up to their potential, they look beautiful but break, stick and otherwise just don’t work for me.

Why? I have no idea. We’re talking about a wine kit that can run you USD $65.00 to $75.00 including a foil cutter, drip-drop ring, wax remover and, of course, a lever corkscrew. Each time I fall back on my traditional twist style corkscrew, simple yet effective. This holiday I’m going to go out on a limb and say “don’t buy a lever corkscrew for your wine loving friends.” My family members are big wine drinkers, both red wines and whites, so I’m constantly pulling out both of my lever corkscrews. One is missing springs… they just shot off into the room somewhere and are too tiny to find while the other just jams up or is over-engineered.

Lever Style CorkscrewTherefor I can do nothing but stress simplicity when choosing a corkscrew. I’m going to recommend a simple one-piece wing-style corkscrew. The problem? Many people buy these and have them on hand already so you’ll have to check to makes sure you’re not re-buying something they have. Or, you can look for a personalized version or one inscribed with some loving letter work or signature model.

You may also try an antique style if you’re looking for some added flare but remaining simple. I thought a few on looked pretty neat and fancy but still usable. If you’ve purchased one please leave me a comment and let me know how it works. If the antique style is usable perhaps I’ll request one as a holiday gift!

All I can say, based on experience, is fancy complex corkscrews are not always the best. Perhaps someday I’ll find a lever corkscrew that’s useful and stable, for now I’ll stick with simple.

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