Everyday Drinker Podcast – Coming Soon

For those that are looking for a new podcast unrelated to tech news, video games and other such news, the roundable of everyday drinkers are working their drinking magic to bring you information ’bout drink’n.

Our panel of drinkers will be sending out bi-weekly drinking podcasts centering on some type of drink in the massive categories of alcohol to get you learned up on what you’re putting down.

We’ve got four characters of varying personalities to try to bring you reviews about what we’re drinking and teach you a bit about the history of the drink. We’ll toss in some term’s you may want to learn when impressing your date.

The first episode will cover everything their is to know about Rum, well, enough to make you feel smarter and make better drinking selections. The episode is titled, Ho Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum And Coke and will be available in a few weeks. We’ll be following this episode up with a podcast about Brown Ale beers.

Stay tuned for further information!


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