Life Is Good With Imperial Pilsner

Sam Adams - Hallertau Imperial PilsnerSam Adams has done it again, their Hallertau Imperial Pilsner is hopping with delicious flavors that smash your taste buds like a punch in the nuts. Prior information from their 2005 season:

This lager is made with fresh Bavarian hops, straight off the vines from the 2005 harvest in Germany, and packs an 8.8 percent alcohol content that’s twice as strong as most popular beers.
Boston Beer Co. is brewing only 60,000 24-oz. bottles, which are due to begin arriving in stores in November.

For those that love the taste of a Sam Adams but also want to try something with a larger taste, this Pilsner is larger than life itself. The color is a golden haze and the impact is strong hops that make you feel like your down in Bavaria, Germany.

Maybe that’s where our friend Jim Koch, the master behind Sam Adams picks his hops. As a matter of fact their a variety of Hallertau Mittelfrueh hops.

Note: For those watching their weight, this little beer sports 300 calories per 12oz drink.

Good man Jim, keep it up!


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