Yamazaki Japanese Whisky Review, 12-Year Single Malt

Today we re-review Yamazaki Japanese Single Malt 12-Year Whisky Review because some die-hard whisky tasters were all up in arms over our older review. So, here we go again!

Suntory Yamazaki Japanese Single Malt Whiskey, 12 years in age and the Japanese response to Scotch. The distillery, created in 1899, is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) in Japan. Here is their 12-year old single malt whisky offering and our review of it.

Yes, Derrick yells a lot and doesn’t find Yamazaki to be that impressive. However, there is a bit of a buttery oak flavor profile with a fairly intense back-end alcohol heat. There is a light smoke but not the same style of smoke you’d get out of an Isley scotch.

Ian thinks it has a bit of a rice “sake” like flavor as well, but we can’t tell if it’s just because this is a Japanese Whisky.

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