Wild Horse White Rum Tasting / Review

Wild Horse White Rum’s bottle reads: “Born in the Wild Horse Desert. Fueled by the Goliad Sands Aquifer. Inspired by Freedom.”

What exactly does a rum inspired by freedom taste like? Well, Jon Spikes sent us this bottle so we could find out how Wild Horse White Rum stood up to our taste holes. This bottle is clean, crisp and classy looking, but Jon tells us the rum has some ‘funk’ to it, maybe from fresh pressed cane juice?

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Whatever the case, Wld Horse White Rum is a US-made (Texas to be exact) light rum that does bring character and flavor. We thought, oh, maybe fresh pressed rum funk would be much like a bottle of Cachaça so we tasted that to compare… not quite.

Wild Horse White rum brings a more potent punch with much less fruity nuance compared to the Cachaça we tried beside it. So, as it turns out Wild Horse White rum is going to probably stand on its own as a more rum-flavored spirit than that of South America.

Yet, at the same time Wild Horse white rum doesn’t bring your basic bacardi-like flavor. Where a puerto rican rum tends to be a bit more muted, some might say “ethanol like” or vodka-like, this rum fits more as a hybrid of perhaps Guatalahara bred with a bit of Cuban and Jamaican funkified nature.

Obviously this light rum does not bring additional residual sugars or dunder (it’s not dark) and the potency suggests they did not try to round it out with any sugar additions.

Their website, https://www.wildhorsedistillery.com/ says that the rum’s taste profile is that of a smooth and creamy rum with sugarcane aromatic accents and hints of vanilla and molasses.

I could buy off on the sugarcane accents for sure, that’s the funk, but molasses? Not to us.

At MSRP $24.99 it’s probably a good product to try out to see how you like their rendition of an American light rum. Quite honestly, we’ve had a lot of NH based light rums and none have really peaked our interest. Wild Horse brings character and the Wild Horse Distillery is surely trying to contend with the other great American rums.

But, can they take any market share from the hundreds of years of island rum expertise? Probably not, but there is always room for new rum contenders to tickler our taste holes.

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