Using a Citrus Squeezer — Essential Bar Tools | Lesson 05

Using a Citrus Squeezer doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Don’t worry about the color of your citrus squeezer as most are yellow. You can still squeeze limes with a yellow squeezer and won’t be crucified!

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The Home Bartender Starter Kit here at comes with the very basic enameled lemon squeezer. If you’re just starting out your career in home bartending you don’t have to invest in a more expensive squeezer. The Chef’n ForceFresh Lemon Squeeze will squeeze 20% more juice but will cost you more money. You’re learning how to make cocktails for the first time, a 20% increase in your juice output is probably not yet worth the added cost.

You may find that using fresh citrus often gets the “fleshy bits” into your cocktail. Some folks like the flesh ‘pulp’ floating in their drink as it adds more flavor. Others want a crystal clean looking drink, for those folks we suggest utilizing a conical tea strainer to get the job done. This simple tool keep both the pulp and any ice shards out of your drink.
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