Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur Review

We’re behind the scenes today taking a look at Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, a liqueur that would fit its place into your standard orange liqueur library. What does Solerno bring to the table for its USD $40 price tag? The first and obvious would be the flavors of blood orange right out of Italy! Besides the obvious, the clear liqueur brings a great aroma of rich and sweet blood orange pulp with a tiny bit of zest. The aroma takes some of its sweetness from that of a tripel sec with the fresh scents that remind me of Cointreau with that blood orange twist.

At its 80 Proof, the product is a serious liqueur. This isn’t one of those cheap knock off 17% or 23% gimmicks, this is a rock solid 40% alcohol by volume which you’ll see in many distilled spirits like vodka, gin and rum. To me, that means less sugar substitutes and more actual product but that may also translate into taste, right?

Tasting Notes: Huge body, weighty on the tongue with silky smooth tongue numbing blood orange pulpiness with a slight bite near the finish. The tail end of the finish brings a potent burn not too unlike a standard distilled spirit, without an ethanol taste.

I believe this is a liqueur that would compliment that of a margarita in substitution for the cointreau or Tuaca I would typically use in the ingredients. I think it would also bring something out in the Poinsettia Cocktail as Solerno is said to go well with a wine. A third option may be the Kosmopolitan which we did back in February 2011 (notice the “K” in Kosmo not a C).

If anything, Solerno would be a great change-up for the standard orange liqueur ingredients you may be used to using in your cocktails and bring out new flavors you had yet to discover. And, our effort is always about discovering new flavors.


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    June 1, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    how many calories in a shot of SOLERNO?

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      June 9, 2013 at 8:51 pm

      there are no nutrition facts on alcohol in the US, not sure about elsewhere. So, you’ll probably not find a calorie count anywhere.

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