Schwartzhog Review, Kraeuter Liqueur

Today we take a look at Schwartzhog, a Kräuter Liqueur, which translates to that of a herbal liqueur, which we can tell just by looking at the bottle…as the bottle reminds us of Jagermeister, another herbal liqueur.

Schwartzhog is much the herbal flavor you’d expect without as much anise-back end flavor that you can sometimes pull out of a Jagermeister. So, perhaps Schwartzhog is a bit more timid for those that don’t like Jagermeister but would like to like it!

On first nosing, we get a strong Coka Cola aroma. It does not taste like coke, but a bit more of a sweeter Jagermeister but the finish has a bit more of a bitter, which turns out to be comparative to that of an aromatic bitter like Angostura.

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