RANT: How I Will Become The Excellence of Execution

Rob asked the question “A lot put into that setup for like 3000 views max. im not knocking anything I just must be confused on where you guys make your money or what you do that makes all the spending and filming worth it?”

That’s a great question that needs a bit more investigative work, so I had to ramble out some figures about old media vs. new media, how well magazines and news subscriptions are doing and compare them to the successful growth of the new media sector from youtube, to facebook, youtube and the next big hits (pinterest comes to mind). How is it possible that, with only 3000 average viewers (not maximum, but why quibble on details) can we possibly see enough success to justify our equipment costs and all that?

Loyal viewers, dedicated folks that put up with preroll advertising, donate to the show and continue to support us with all of our projects, including AwesomeDrinks.com.

What are you doing in your life right now to truly execute and make that difference? Leave your comment.

How will you become the next Bret Hart, Excellence of Execution.


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