Partida Tequila, Blanco, Reposado and Anejo Review / Tasting

We got pure unaged tequila, we have rested tequila and we have aged tequila in barrels. Today, Partida blesses the table and we give it a taste test. If you like salty ocean breezes with agave and smooth texture then Partida is waiting.

While Doug is a huge fan of Partida products, we wanted to give them the full tasting to evaluate if Partida Blanco, Reposado and Añejo are worth the $50+ per bottle. What we found is that all three products stand up to the asking price–the blanco brings a sweet salty sea smell mingled with the agave notes that remain fresh and bright. The most beautiful part being the reposado exhibits the same flavorful notes of the blanco with a slightly more gentle and smooth mouth feel.

The añejo steps it up a bit by maturing the product out even more, with a slightly more approachable mellowness, additional oak and vanilla notes that follow with the sea salt, citrus, pepper and spice. Personally, the reposado was the most desirable as it brought a bit more of the aggressiveness found in the blanco without as much mellowness of the añejo tequila variant.

All-in-all, none of the Partida products will disappoint and are worth the price they’re asking for the bottle. Are there cheaper alternatives that will work fine in your margarita? Of course, just as there are more expensive ones as well but there is nothing wrong with going to a strong consistent contender like Partida as your personal bar shelf pick.

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