Hush Spiced Apple Moonshine Review

It is that time of year again as Fall comes upon us here in the US it only makes sense to tackle a bit of Hush Spiced Apple Moonshine. We love cider this time of year and Hush Spiced Apple Moonshine fits right in, with a bit more punch in the face.

The beauty of Hush Spiced Apple Moonshine is in its full force 40% ABV and mouth-full of heat while remaining balanced, smooth and flavorful without the “chemical taste” of artificial flavor. We’ve found many moonshines play a great roll in a cocktail, even if many tend to be marketed as a “moonshine” but could also, in some regards, either be a vodka or a white whiskey… hard to always determine without paying close attention to the label and the story behind how it was distilled.

But, in the end, I think it comes down to alcohol carrying an authentic flavor that can be used in cocktail building, sipping and any other creative uses. We need more creativity in the market, to go with these spirits.

Drink Responsibly.

Critical Hit, by No More Kings.


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