How To Make The Spanish Coffee / Coffee + 151 Proof Rum!?

Today we are going to show you how to make the Spanish coffee cocktail recipe which includes 151 proof rum, lit on fire. Yes, pyrotechnics coming to your cocktails right now!

Spanish Coffee is an alcohol based hot coffee cocktail. This utilizes hot coffee even after we light rum on fire of course.

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What makes the Spanish coffee a cocktail instead of a standard coffee beverage is the inclusion of alcohol, of course, but the 151 proof rum is just the start! We’ve also got some orange liqueur, a bit of coffee liqueur and then the coffee on top!

Alcohol based coffee, not quite “Irish Coffee” in terms of Irish Cream or Irish Whiskey, but there is some big alcohol burn to this beverage in more ways than one.

Once you light the Spanish Coffee on fire you still gotta finish up the cocktail creation process, and the end result still has some potency to the punch.

Jeffery Morganthaler defines the Spanish Coffee as:

– 3/4 oz 151-proof rum
– 1/2 oz triple Sec
– 1 1/2 oz coffee liqueur
– 3 oz fresh brewed coffee
– 1 oz lightly whipped cream
– grated nutmeg
– sugar / lime juice rimming (to stick)

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