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Today we’re going to show you how to make the rye tai cocktail recipe. This is a whiskey cocktail with rye whiskey and cocktail bitters. This month we showcase a number of drinks that call for cocktail bitters to get you used to cocktail bitters.

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The Rye Tai is a riff off the Mai Tai in name and in some of its ingredient breakdown, primarily the use of orgeat syrup. Orgeat is an almond syrup, we have one produced by Liber & Co. Orgeat, pronounced “Oar-zat” or something like that is a sweetening agent using sugar and almonds to produce the fun texture, flavor and color of the Rye Tia.

Outside of the orgeat, this drink uses an acid (lemon instead of lime in the original mai tai) and plays off the use of Pineapple juice as a component, unlike a true Mai Tai. But, that pineapple juice gives you that “almost summer” flavor. And, what rye cocktail wouldn’t be done well if it didn’t have some aromatic cocktail bitters!

This recipe calls specifically for Angostura but if you want a slight twist on the flavor use a different cocktail bitter. We, in this drink, utilized Fee Brothers Barrel Aged Whiskey Bitters instead of standard angostura. This provides a good backdrop for flavor selection and, because we couldn’t find our large bottle of Angostura bitters to re-fill our dasher 🙂

Rye Tai
– 2 oz rye whisky
– 3/4 oz orgeat
– 3/4 oz pineapple juice
– 3/4 oz fresh lemon juice
– 8-10 dashes of angostura

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