How To Make The Passion Vine / Tiki Drinks with Gin!

Today we’re going to show you how to make the passion vine, a tiki drink with passion fruit using some cool pineapple tumblers. Thanks to Bespoke Post for sponsoring this video. New subscribers can get 20% off using the code CMC20 here:

This tiki drink brings gin into the picture, which is much different than most tiki drinks which are rum-focused. This drink recipe takes the elegance of gin, the flavor of passion fruit with the nuance of lillet blanc and designs a recipe you can treat yourself to tonight!

The Passion Vine
– 2 oz (60oz) Gin
– ¾ oz (22.5ml) Lillet blanc
– ¼ oz (7.5ml) Crème de Cacao
– ¾ oz (22.5ml) Lemon Juice
– ½ oz (15ml) Passionfruit Syrup
– 2 Dashes Lemon bitters
– Egg white

The passion vine doesn’t come from a traditional historic tiki book but folks are always looking for new ways to expand their tiki recipes and tiki drink. Of course, we use Liber & Co Passion Fruit Syrup from our Bespoke Post Island Tiki Box which is available here:

We also wanted to give mad props to the use of chocolate as a subtle cocktail component in this recipe. It brings flavor and fun without being overbearing and sweet.

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