How To Make The Midnight Stinger / Fernet Branca and Bourbon?

Today we’re going to show you how to make a midnight stinger. This is sorta kinda like a whiskey sour variation with fernet branca. Don’t forget for your cocktail accessories and syrups.

The midnight stinger is probably a creation of a bartender, because the only folks I know that drink Fernet Branca like a religion is a bartender. Of course, it’s time for bourbon as well, so build yourself a standard whiskey sour and add equal parts fernet branca.

Midnight Stinger
– 1 oz bourbon
– 1 oz Fernet branca
– ¾ oz lemon juice
– ¾ oz simple syrup

So, think about the flavor profile of a whiskey sour along side some eucalyptus flavors and you’re heading in the direction of the midnight stinger.

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