How To Make The Godfather / Easy Whiskey Drinks

Today we’ll show you how to make the godfather drink recipe. This is a very easy whiskey drink in which we add amaretto to bourbon in order to curb some of the bourbon aggressiveness. A good way to introduce yourself to whiskey.

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This is a 1970’s style cocktail, which doesn’t make it a classic in terms of drink popularity and design. However, this is still a 30 year old cocktail recipe if you would consider this a “cocktail” in terms of recipe design.

The Godfather is simply bourbon with a bit of amaretto to take down the edges. Use a good bourbon with some subtle amaretto notes to create a fun sipping experience. We don’t add ice to the godfather but you can if you want your recipe to be a bit more watered down and or chilled.

You can also chill your old fashioned glass ahead of time to bring a bit more added chill after the stir down.

The Godfather
– 2 oz bourbon
– 1/4 oz amaretto

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