How To Make The East India Gimlet / Spring Cocktail Ideas

Today we’re going to show you how to make the east India gimlet drink recipe, a cocktail variation off the gimlet. A traditional gimlet contains something we avoid: lime cordial. We use fresh lime juice in our gimlet so this gin gimlet variation will be much the same: fresh lime juice.

Celery Bitters:

East India Gimlet Recipe:

This cocktail makes use of celery bitters along side a bit of dill, for a herbaceous bundle of flavors. A standard gin gimlet is neat, but an east india gimlet is flavorful and fun while leaving you feeling like you had a great classic cocktail design. This is no doubt a great gin drink for bar specialty menus and drink’s of the day.

For the home bartender, this is a cocktail to make at home from your garden or with some fresh herbs at the store because it starts with a solid base and pairs herbs based on a gin profile. Plus, how often do you get to play with dill in a cocktail?!

East Indian Gimlet
– 1½ oz. London dry gin
– ¾ oz. Fresh lime juice
– ¾ oz. Simple syrup
– 2 dashes. Celery bitters
– 1 pinch. Dill
– Garnish: dill sprig

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