How To Make A Spicy Margarita / Serrano, Candied Jalapeño and Good Times!

Today we’ll show you how to make a spicy margarita. This margarita recipe uses the same base recipe for our favorite margarita’s except it adds the element of spicy heat using Serrano cocktail spice.

The base recipe:

Serrano Cocktail Spice by Boy Drinks World:

This time of year hot and spicy is fun and so we are taking our standard margarita recipe (also once known as the Common Man Margarita) and adding a bit of serrano spice to the mix. You acn adjust the spice level to your own personal desires, we stuck with a single dash (aka one eyedropper worth) but Derrick would probably use 2 dashes in his personal drink.

We used some candied jalapeno’s from Sony’s Sweet & Spicy (check ’em out here)
(no, not a sponsor, just good spice)

Spicy Margarita
– 2.0 oz Tequila
– 1.0 oz Fresh lime juice
– 0.75 oz Agave nectar
– 0.75 oz Orange Liqueur
– 1 dash Boy Drinks World Serrano Spice
– Candied jalapeño Peppers

Of course, a nice garnish cannot hurt the beverage and sweet & spicy jalapenos make a great addition. They’re not overly mind-blowing hot but they give a good contrast to the margarita presentation and a bit of candy for your dessert after (or before) your margarita is finished.

Spicy cocktails are fun, margarita’s are fun, it only makes sense to combine the recipe ingredients together into one fun time in the sun (see what I did there?)

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