Hornitos Cristalino Tequila Review / A Silver Añejo?

Let’s do a Hornitos Cristalino Tequila Review, this is a clear tequila that looks like a blanco but tastes like an añejo. Why? Because it is an añejo tequila, but filtered to be clear. That’s what makes it Cristalino.

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Tasting tequila is always a fun experience and this is our first time tasting a cristalino tequila, which is a clear aged spirit. Not like blanco per se, because a blanco tequila is clear because it is unaged. This is a stealth anejo, aged and then filtered clear.

The price tag isn’t too steep, coming in around USD $30 for a bottle of aged spirit. However, I also believe this is a less nuanced / flavorful product than a traditional añejo because of the filtration process stripping away the color (and the flavor) from the spirit.

We are not 100% sold on the irony of taking something with complicated flavor (that raises the price) and then taking a portion of the fun away. However, it does get press attention (hell, we’re trying it) and it does add one more product to the portfolio. Perhaps we’re just more into anejo the old fashioned way.

However, some folks may be turned off because of the barrel aged flavors of an añejo but still want some of the smooth complexities that comes with it–making this a viable solution to the theoretical problem. But, at the same time, we love the flavor of blanco and we also love some of the more agave-forward resting of a reposado.

So maybe we’re just not the target audience? Always fun to try new things though! And, in the end, Hornitos hasn’t disappointed us yet and this is no exception. It’s a good product, it’s just in a category we don’t quite understand.

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