Glacious LE Ice Ball Press by BrevTech / Clear Ice Sphere

Today we’re going to show you the BrevTech Ice Ball Press and how fast it can make an ice sphere, and we’ll do it with clear ice. The press:

Today we’re going to use clear ice blocks to make a clear ice sphere the fastest way we know how, using an ice press. Here is our clear ice video to get you started there:

Next, you use that ice to press down and make a fantastic sphere. Now, the BrevTech isn’t the cheapest product we’ve seen or used on the show and it’s definitely going to cost you more than a silicon tray. BrevTech does have ice trays to pair with your ice press if you want, but that doesn’t do what we want it to do in terms of ice press — we want a nice clear ice sphere. So, we’re going to show you how to make that happen.

However, I’ve yet to find something that is as effective at making a clear ice sphere than an ice press. And, as it turns out, it’s super fun. This video could easily have been a 3 minute explanation but, instead, you’re going to learn how ice dilution works, how the ice press works, a bit about directional freezing and clear ice along with a bunch of laughs.

Of course, if clear ice press and laughter isn’t in your wheel house, just click close and find a video more suited for you!

You can also check them out here (if you don’t like my amazon affiliate link)

Of course, if all that sounds too complicated and you just want an ice maker to make clear ice, we got a video for you:

So, go get yourself a clear ice press, it’s fun!
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