Dutch’s Sugar Wash Moonshine Tasting, Review

Dutch’s Sugar Wash Moonshine is a 100% pure cane distilled “moonshine” that harkens back to a day when the term Moonshine dealt a bit more with hiding spirits from the police. Today, we find life is a bit easier on the alcohol-side of life where people are given drinking choices and the government realizes we’re “big boy’s and girls” that can make our own informed decisions. However, there is something to be said for the past and learning from it (even when it comes to learning from recipes created by our forefathers).

Dutch’s Sugar Wash Moonshine is created using pure Demerara sugars and copper pot stills. You’ll immediately find that this Sugar Wash Moonshine does inherit some of that potent alcohol strength in the nose, there is a definite kick in the nose. However, upon tasting this moonshine, you get a sweeter note compared to the old-school less filtered products that taste more like rocket fuel. The reason being, Dutch’s Sugar Wash Moonshine comes in at 40% alcohol by volume, it’s not way over proofed product so it tends to be a lot more approachable than traditional thoughts of ‘shine.

However, I don’t think we have to discount flavor because a label states “moonshine.” It seems close minded to build an assumption that a product has to rip your face off because it has moonshine in the label. Some folks are saying moonshine is trending so people are producing clear spirits and calling them moonshine to make their product seem more “bad ass.” I’m not 100% sold on that idea as I feel that many companies, like Dutch’s Spirits, is trying to build off the heritage of a time long gone to invoke memories and make us remember a darker time in our history so we can now reflect upon it and feel good about where we have come.

Perhaps that’s a bit too sappy of a reason, but it seems reasonable that a product with light sweetness, a crisp clean finish without a harsh abrasive bite should be given a fare shake. For USD $29.99, this product is a worthwhile purchase for those looking for a vodka-alternative (something with more flavor and nuance) that still plays the core spirit role in a cocktail. Imagine a vodka martini with Dutch’s Sugar Wash Moonshine and you could be imagining a much more lively cocktail.

You can purchase it online for $29.99 at: http://bit.ly/1dVfkm7

Drink Responsibly.


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