Don Julio 1942 Review

It is rare that we get to run a review for a spirit above the USD $100 mark, but today is one of those awesome days. First, it should be clearly stated that, while the review unit arrived in the mail for free, I do believe you’re not going to be disappointed in a $100+ spirit. I don’t believe this is due to the price making it “taste better” in your head, but the fact that care and attention is typically put into very expensive spirits like Don Julio 1942 and it is rare that you find a product substantially overpriced just for the sake of pricing it high.

That being said, just because something costs a lot doesn’t make it worth your money as compared to other products in a lower pricing bracket. So, let us figure out if Don Julio 1942 is worth its $120 price tag.

First thing to note is that the Don Julio 1942 aroma is rich with sweet agave notes, very worth of your smell senses. Not big “heat” on the nose, just a sweet agave with pineapple husk-like aroma. The 1942 variant doesn’t have the same character I get from the Reposado and Blanco that makes me think “Don Julio” and instead it brings a much more subtle light flavor that’s smooth yet still warming. The weight seems a bit light but the mouth feel is pretty and delicate.

For those that have not experienced an aged tequila like Don Julio 1942 you’ll find it gets a bit confusing as it brings complexities like a scotch with the agave-forward sweetness. That means you’ll get your agave, a little floral notes, citrus notes along with a bit of oak butter profile that gives you just one level deeper in complex awareness.

The finish does not bring any true alcohol bite, yet it continues to have a lingering agave flavor long after you take the taste. Is it worth of the USD $120 the bottle commands? For die-hard fans, like our friend Rick, he doesn’t balk at spending the money for what he believes is the most superior product on the planet in the tequila arena. Yet, at the same time I feel like I can buy two or three bottles of Riazul Anejo and be just as excited while having much more tequila to last me for those zombie apocalypse events.

Overall, I do feel the bottle will not disappoint if you do lay down the $120+ for the bottle of tequila. You’ll gain a lot of experience from sipping on Don Julio 1942 and, even if you don’t find it to be your most exiting bottle of tequila, you’ll have a great time with the experience and can use it as a basis for comparison moving forward in your tequila drinking future.


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    January 24, 2014 at 4:08 pm

    The best aged tequila I have ever had is ArteNOM 1146 Anejo ~ $65. Followed closely by Clase Azul Ultra ~$1800.

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    May 19, 2015 at 4:32 pm

    I had the most amazing experience tasting Don Julio’s 1942 Agave….. Left me ruined I say! Will settle for no less quality from here on…. 🙂

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