Dirty Martini Deconstruction: Moonshine, Vodka and Gin 🍸

Let’s deconsruct the Dirty Martini — a historically significant cocktail that has a few key variations: dirty vodka martini and a dirty gin martini. But, what about a dirty moonshine martini?

Derrick’s argument has been “moonshine makes a vodka martini more interesting” in which he also states that interesting is probably defined as “better”. We compare ocean vodka to that of sugarlands shine (moonshine) in the more white spirit category.

Nick & Nora Glasses:

Martini Olives:

Dirty Martini Brine:

While none of us are massive fans of the Dirty Martini, we’ve got some experienced tasters to help us get through the right flavor profile. Initial recipe was a bit light on dirtiness so your flavor may vary depending on your desire for salty brine.

Here is our Dirty Martini recipe design we used for taste comparisons:

Dirty Martini:
2.5 oz Gin/Vodka
0.5 oz Dry Vermouth
1 barspoon Olive Brine
1 Olive

You may want more olive brine for this recipe. We also discovered that the gin we used (Cotswold gin) was a bit too herbaceous for this specific combination of flavors.

What you may discover is that a moonshine martini is more awesome than that of a vodka martini. Unless you are truly in love with the vodka martini in which case sticking with vodka is probably your friend. We would also suggest a gin martini with a more floral gin that doesn’t take into account too much herbal flavor blend. Try Hendrick’s, or an American gin like New Amsterdam gin or something a bit more neutral (but not too neutral). Something not so conflicting with the vermouth and salty brine of olive.

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