Deep Eddy Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka Review

Deep Eddy Ruby Red is an infused grapefruit vodka that reads “10 times distilled,” which seems like over-kill for a vodka infusion but that’s okay, we’ve got rich grapefruit as your tasting goals. The aroma is most worthy of a grapefruit infusion, very fresh and juicy scents that rise up from the glass quickly and with satisfaction.

Along with the great aroma comes a very brilliant ruby red color which should impact the color of a cocktail with the proper visual appeal to match that of a real grapefruit juice. I would imagine with the color and aroma you could bring this together as a substitution for real grapefruit juice. But, how does it taste?

Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka indeed brings a bright ruby red flavor but, as a guy that isn’t a huge fan of grapefruit juice, Deep Eddy leaves out the extreme dry and tart bite of a grapefruit while maintaining its grapefruit essence. I believe this is done by the slight hint of sweetness that comes out of the vodka which I don’t rightly see within ruby red grapefruit juice–and I like that part the best. Not to say it distracts from the overall concept, I believe putting Deep Eddy into a classic cocktail that calls for grapefruit juice will continue to do that cocktail great justice.

You can find Deep Eddy Ruby Red Vodka on some online store shelves for under USD$20 and that’s a great price for a product that brings the grapefruit flavor without having to store many bottles of grapefruit juice. Imagine, a grapefruit product that can last longer than a bottle of grapefruit juice when you just can’t drink the entire thing!


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