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Today we’re going to explore the pros and cons of the Cobbler Shaker vs. the Boston Shaker. For those that want to get into home bartending and need a good shaker kit, we want to give you the information you need to make a good decision.

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Of Course, the straight up shaker kits are also available!

We will show you how to properly use a cobbler shaker and a bit on the boston shaker, although we already have a great video on how to use a boston shaker available on youtube.

How To Use A Boston Shaker / Bartending 101:

While we prefer the user of a boston shaker for ease of cleaning, taking apart and general “cool factor” the most popular cocktail shaker that people buy is no doubt the cobbler shaker, or 3-piece cocktail shaker.

The cobbler shaker comes with all three pieces and is generally a cost effective solution to making cocktails and drinks that require shaking. However, our preference is the Boston shaker because it cleans easy and comes apart easy without being too much more expensive.

The Boston shaker can be harder to buy on some websites because they don’t tell you which parts you get and which you need to buy separately. There is also a slight educational curve when it comes to cocktail shaking with a boston shaker which is easy to get over but intimidating tools are always a barrier to entry.

Pick the shaker that makes you feel best and upgrade as you see fit to whatever you find more advanced and fun.

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