Casual Man Cocktails: Trinidad Sour Modified and What Game of Thrones Character are you?

We filmed an extra video at the end of our June filming session to modify the Trinidad Sour with Orange Bitters instead of Angostura bitters and here is our thoughts.

Also, what game of thrones character are you? Who would you label us as?

Want an original trinidad sour? Right here baby!

Also, cocktail bitters:

This episode is “casual man” style, we didn’t use any of the additional cameras or stick to one exact topic … which isn’t much different than normal. However, we figured since we were going to make this on the live stream we might as well film it and toss it out on a Saturday for anyone that wanted to watch it.

So here you go, the Trinidad Sour…modified with orange bitters! Want the original trinidad sour, fine!?

Now, remember, always experiment and come up with new things, you may discover something is better than an original (at least on your palate) so never stop messing around!

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