Casamigos Tequila Review, Reposado and Blanco

Casamigos Tequila, we’re reviewing both the blanco and reposado in a side-by-side analysis. After pouring we did find Casamigos Reposado a bit light on color and the aroma was there and a bit muted in blue agave. Casamigos Blanco, while crystal clear, had a definite distinct aroma that really came through and hit the nose well.

The Casamigo’s blanco definitely brought a vibrant aroma and life to the nose of the spirit, which also came through in the liquid itself. Sipping the blanco was a very pleasant experience with a black pepper predominant throughout the life of the spirit and a warming agave build up. In comparison, the Casamigos Reposado was a bit hollow once it moved into the second half of the taste; a buttery agave start leads to a very week finish with nothing in the middle to really excite us.

While the reposado was serviceable and would make for a great introductory rested tequila for new tequila drinkers, I think a more experienced reposado drinker may be left a bit wanting. Unfortunately, the pricing is a big steep for the reposado to be something a new tequila drinker would probably pickup, with other brands surrounding them. The blanco, however, was a fun experience that would definitely add character and depth to a cocktail.

If there is anything that may get in the way of the Casamigos Blanco, it would probably be the price tag of around USD $45. This places the blanco right in the sight of many great competitors. It was odd that the reposado is only a few dollars more, but I’m still focusing my efforts and excitement at the blanco offering from casamigos. Definitely check it out.


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    July 12, 2013 at 2:19 am

    A couple of typos you might want to fix: “…a very week finish…” and “…the pricing is a big steep…” and “…something a new tequila drinker might want to pickup…” [a “pickup” is a truck. “Pick up” is something you do to a product.

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