Bumbu Rum Tasting / Review: Bumbu The Original and Bumbu XO

Today we are tasting Bumbu Rum and two of its product offerings include: Bumbu The Original and Bumbu XO.

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You’ll find Bumbu rum comes in two distinct flavor profiles: The Original has more of the standard rum taste profile you’d expect from a brown spirit that has some aging to it. At 35% my guess is “The Original” really falls into a spiced rum category vs. a standard rum category yet it still comes out to be pretty tasty and delicious. You’ll find The Original has a lot of banana flavor mixed with molasses and vanilla, like a spiced rum. The Bumbu Original seems to also have a bit of a cotton candy flavor to it, definitely more on the sugar infused side.

The Bumbu XO has a bit less character, more stronger punch with a lot of that barbados rum appeal. However, the XO loses some of the fun distinct flavor compared to The Original and, while it would work in a daiquiri or anything calling for rum, it doesn’t stand out as super distinct on its own. No vanilla, butterscotch or candy flavor by comparison.

Bumbu The Original will probably work great in a Rum & Coke or Cuba Libre, where the XO would fit great in a rum punch, daiquiri or rum runner.

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