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Time to take a closer look at Alma Tequila from Blanco to Añejo. Awhile ago we performed a 22-tequila blind tasting and the top four best tequila’s that rose to the top included Alma Blanco tequila. Today, we compare the Alma Blanco against the more rested products in the form of reposado and añejo–two products that, with age, should get better, right?

In some cases, resting a tequila puts some lipstick on the pig,” as it where… you’re bringing in a bit more rounded smooth flavors with a hint of oak as the barrel mellows the product. But, as we always say, a good tequila makes for a good aged product! The Alma Blanco brings fresh sea salt aroma mingled with bright agave notes that flow through the room freely. It’s tough to do a better product from the full experience of aroma and a light yet crisp flavorful finish with moderate alcohol fire.

Ironically some of the bright aroma’s are muted in the Alma Reposado, which did make us a bit sad. We were hoping for a culmination of bright flavor along with the smooth vanilla’s and muted buttery awesomeness that was its rested flavors. However, the resting phase seems to have lightened the aroma while smoothing out the rest of the flavor. The reposado, to me, did bring a bit more of an aggressive bite in the tail end of the finish but a nice black pepper up front.

Now, Alma Añejo brings even more smooth flavorful notes, light vanilla and peppery spicy notes, warming oak, easy sipping weight and less alcohol finish than the reposado. The añejo has all the pepper properties of the reposado in its aging and a bit more of the aroma returns that could be found in the blanco.

Alma Tequila is a bit lower price compared to equivalent products on the market, with none of their products being over USD $32 with the unaged blanco coming in at $26.99. Hard to beat a quality product for an affordable price, especially when you can buy two bottles for the price of some of those other highly marketed brands.


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