Alacrán Blanco Tequila Review

Alacran Blanco Tequila, on the table for review today. We ran our review from the mountains of NH where the wind blows through our glass of tequila as we do our tasting. First up, the nose has some very thick agave notes with a bit of brine and remains crystal clear as any good blanco should. So, from a presentation standpoint, Alacrán Blanco Tequila does everything it should do to meet our silver tequila standards.

The flavor brings so many familiarities of a margarita it’s almost scary. We found a medium bodied spirit with roasted pineapple notes, a light sweetness and a lingering salt-like flavor. I found the salty notes working well with the agave making this 100% de Agave silver matched well against the contents of most margarita recipes which tells me this will work great in a cocktail. However, Doug would just as well sip it right from a glass without the taint of other products integrated within it.

Looking online, it seems some folks see this as a “premium tequila” that is rich and above and beyond other tequilas on the market. At roughly USD$40-USD$45, you’re not going to break the bank on this product nor does it have a price tag greater than most competing tequilas along side it. Don’t go into a bottle of alacrán tequila thinking it’s too rich for your blood, it’s just a well built tequila product. With salt/brine notes, rich and mildly sweet agave, you’ve got a product worth the price.



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