5 Fun Facts About Mezcal / Mezcal Month with Agave Spirits

Today we go through 5 fun facts about mezcal, one of the original agave spirit. Mezcal is the parent of many different Mezcal variations including Tequila, Raicilla, Baca Nora and others.

Today we’ll talk five fun mezcal facts, things you should know before we start busting into mezcal drinks. The cocktails come second, the knowledge about Mezcal and agave come first!

If there is one thing to take away from Mezcal and its 50+ varieties of agave is that the options are nearly limitless. While Tequila offers a bunch of flavor profiles for its one Blue Weber agave variation, imagine having 50 more to choose from?! Not only can your mezcal be aged as a reposado or añejo, it also can be differentiated by the state and the variations of agave.

Yes, you can use mezcal for your next whiskey cocktail or rum drink. Yes, mezcal can be used for gin drinks or vodka drinks. Mezcal drinks can be made out of any of the most popular distilled spirits.

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