Magic the Gathering Cocktails: Liliana Vess

Beautiful, cunning, and ambitious to a fault, Liliana Vess is quietly one of the Multiverse’s most magnetic dangers. Liliana’s dark charisma is undeniable—she’s agelessly striking and sharp as the edge of a razor.

Liliana Vess’s most formative experience was her pact with demonic forces. As Liliana faced the limits of her human lifespan, her health and power were waning. She contacted powerful demon lords, and one dark deal later, she was restored to her height of power and beauty. Today she appears to be in her 20s, but in truth she’s over a century old.

Liliana’s ambition has led her to interact with beings from all over the Multiverse, but ultimately, Liliana Vess’s first love is Liliana Vess. She’s convinced that everyone’s in it for themselves just as she is, but that she’s just a little better at playing the game than everyone else.

With Liliana being a necromancer I wanted to recreate this by using a drink called “Zombie” from Bacardi. To add to the concept I also chose to add some Kraken Dark Spiced Rum to be the zombie called forth by Liliana. This is a potent yet tasty drink creation you’re sure to love.

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  • 2 oz. Bacardi Zombie
  • ½ oz. Vodka
  • ½ oz. Blue Curacao
  • ½ oz. Kraken Dark Spiced Rum
  • ½ oz. Grenadine
  • Splash of Bacardi 151

Add all ingredients to a shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into a medium glass with ice and garnish with an orange.


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