Twenty 2 – Vodka Review

We’ve not had a lot of reviews going up lately but here is our latest, a new vodka tasting. Twenty 2 Vodka is a Micro Distilled vodka created in Houlton Maine, only a few hours from my home. There is a great story written up about Twenty 2 vodka in the Bangor Daily News, I urge you to check it out of you want to learn a bit more about some of these small inspired start-up companies.

While I admit the passion and drive of these smaller companies really motivates me and my own goals, I don’t want to confuse great motivation with great taste; I’ll let my taste buds do the talking. Twenty 2 Vodka pours clear as any vodka should and brings a light citrus nose with a very subtle burn. It seems Twenty 2 is distilled down a few times as its very clean and crisp on its bouquet and that is often times desirable to the US vodka drinker.

Sipping Twenty 2 brings back some of the light hints of citrus I found in the aroma with light ethanol taste and a quick clean finish. The liquid is fairly light bodied with no offensive bite or sour-taste which I often find in a rougher vodka style (especially when spending under $12 on the “cheap stuff.”) The clean finish is sexy and smooth yet I’ve begun to seek a bit more flavor in my vodka. Some people call them “impurities” but I like to call it “taste.”

Twenty 2 doesn’t have a lot of taste, it is obviously designed as a “neutral grain spirit” like most vodka brands and I highly doubt their goal was to create a flavorful spirit. Maine.biz interviewed the owners and they mentioned the cost is roughly $26.99–a bit steep when it comes to purchasing a vodka at the liquor store. It’s possible to get a few major brands for $19 or less and a couple brands like Tito’s Handmade American Vodka for USD $14 in New Hampshire.

I’d be more than willing to purchase Twenty 2 Vodka for $26 because it’s a well crafted brand that has created a neutral spirit and accomplishes its goals with 100% hand crafted perfection. When it comes down to picking a spirit and putting money on it, I’m highly supportive of the smaller brands that put their love and energy into their brand. I’ll pay USD $10 additional knowing I’m getting a product with personalized touches (yes, they hand-write the bottle & batch number on the label) in small batched production.

Buying a product from smaller brands that is distilled in smaller batches often times results in perfection. They strive to create a crystal clear vodka with a smooth taste and crisp finish. Job well done, I’ll support you with my hat off and my glass full of Twenty 2 Vodka.


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