Xante Pear Liqueur Review/Tasting

The pear; it’s one of my favorite fruits in the world. I have grown three pear trees in my front yard and harvest the pears each season to create some of the most naturally juicy fruit I’ve never had. I’ve got experience with the fruit and I’ve got my hands on some Xanté Pear Liqueur, supposedly one of the most sexy and sensual liqueurs you can find.

On to the tasting! After pouring the Xanté, I’m met with a rich copper fluid with small glinting hues of gold. Sexy indeed and very cognac “looking.” However, it only takes a few seconds before the sweet pears start to rise from the snifter to my nose. To taste Xanté, I start first with a room temperature glass to see how it reacts to my palate, while Xanté suggests a cooler temperature.

At a normal room temperature you will get a bit of the alcohol sensation near the tail end of the sip and on the nose, but nothing too surprising considering it is a spirit with 38% ABV. The nose is very nice, the scents of juicy over-ripened pears with fresh natural sugars. A deeper dive into the glass brings out some of the cognac and light oaks–a nice dynamic to the nose.

The taste is as you’d expect, a sweet juicy flavorful bite of pear. A bright fruity attack on the tongue followed by a milder mid-palate with a cinnamon cognac finish that lingers. Xanté is definitely warm and inviting with a good healthy body and viscosity to the liquid that brings with it hints of heat when sipped warmer, as I would sip my cognac.

As I would expect, when chilled I receive a bit more bright fruit flavors with a slighter sweet attack and finish that ends in a vanilla cream. There is still a slight hint of alcohol burn but is too clean and refreshing to last long.

A bottle of Xanté will probably cost you USD $35 to USD $40 which isn’t cheap for a pear flavored spirit. However, this isn’t a simple schnapps, this a dynamically cognac-like experience for those with a sweet tooth. I highly suggest pear-fans check out Xanté as it’s going to really show off a new experience in spirits that you may not have had a chance to put to your mouth.

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