El Gran Jubileo Tequila Reposado Review

We received the Reposado last in the series of the El Gran Jubileo Tequila product line so we’re really looking back to the younger variety of Blanco as well as its older brethren of Añejo as a point of reference. The Reposado definitely lands right in the middle in terms of color, giving off a light gold with a great clarity.

The nose has a remarkably bold agave profile with bright ripe pineapples and hints of caramel mingled with mint and banana. The banana took a bit to find, but several sniffs later and it become quite distinct and obvious.  There was only the slightest of burn on the nasal passages and only when you dive your nose in deeply.

The taste is quite a flavorful experience as well which begins with a light touch of sweet agave and pineapple with a nice round smoothness. The mid-palate transitions into the spicy fire that was seen in the younger less tame Blanco. I found some nice earthy tones in the final quarter of the sip which ends cleanly without any real burn-factor and leaves a long pretty agave finish.

I found the beginnings of the butterscotch flavors from the añejo but much more muted and less involved, perhaps reflecting itself in a caramel-like flavor towards the finish. In many ways, the Reposado shows where the El Gran Jubileo spirit has grown from the Blanco and a bit of where it’s going in the Añejo. It’s a more relaxed version of the Blanco and arrives without the cream/butter flavors found in the older spirit.

The end result is a very suitable drinking experience for mass appeal. The reposado really tells the story of the agave best out of the three spirits but the spicy punch of the Blanco was an invigorating tasting experience and the complexity of the anejo was exciting as well. This reposado will touch the taste buds by drawing both the Blanco drinker and the Añejo sipper under one canvas of awesome.


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