Tequila Semental Reposado Review

One of my favorite breeds of tequila, Reposado, really excites me because of its versatility. I feel an añejo is a bit too much for most cocktails and is usually consumed neat and silver is a bit weak on flavors in a cocktail and for truly experiencing all the agave has to offer when sipping. Reposado, however, is an entirely different beast because I can use it for any of my desires. Don’t get me wrong, I love Añejo but it’s an entirely different spirit.

Tequila Semental Reposado has a pale gold color, mimicking that of a Chardonnay, a lightly golden apple juice. Like its little baby brother, the Silver, this glass radiates the essence of agave across the room with its aroma. Strong white pepper, salty brines, pineapples and the flavors of agave fill the air around me in Tequila Semental Reposado.

Dipping my nose deeper in the glass gives me the impact of potent alcohols and agave mingled together in some loving embrace. Okay, I embellish… time to drink.

Initial impressions on Tequila Semental Reposado: thick viscosity on the palate. Very sexy silk like textures. Then, I’m hit with a creamy oak like flavor that attacks like a sweeter bourbon but laced in spicy white pepper. The mid-palate attack is fierce and potent with a burning sensation of hot agave and the alcohols rise into the nasal passages and warm the mouth with a sweet burn. The aftertaste of ripe pineapple lingers for minutes and the numbing of the tongue persists for thirty seconds or more.

This is definitely a spicy little tequila, the fifth sip continues to bring the potent pepper even as my palate gains a higher tolerance to the slight alcohols. When it comes to selecting a tequila, Semental Reposado will bring a nice spicy pleasure to your palate. If you’re looking for a spirit that will make a warming margarita or sip nicely with a mildly spicy burrito or enchilada this is the spirit for you. The slightly acidic finish should help cut through some great meals and really bring a new invigorating appeal to food.


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