Tequila Semental Silver Review

Tequila loves me and it seems to find its way into my possession on more than a dozen occasions. Today, I have my hands on a bottle of Tequila Semental Silver, which is a 100% de Agave tequila with a perfectly clear presentation. I’m already excited, I poured the silver liquid into the glass and can already smell the warm scents of agave and sweet fruits filling the air.

The notes of sweet pineapple, white pepper, rich vanilla bean and spices hit the nose from almost a foot away from the glass. Definitely heavy on sweet with a small hint of saltiness. This intense sweetness really masks any alcohol burn in the nasal passages, which can be common when you really dip your nose into a glass of most spirits but not with Semental; I don’t get alcohols on the nose.

The taste is light and fluffy, not extremely thick and has an intense front-end sweetness that crawls to the middle of the tongue and into the finish leaving a slight burning sensation. The mid-palate has a bit of spicy vanilla notes but does not have the sea-salt like taste in the initial nosing. The aftertaste reminds me of a mexican dish, perhaps with a dash of lime juice and dried fruits.

I consider this a great dynamic tequila that would work well as an introductory sipping tequila while offering huge flavor impact to a cocktail that calls for a silver. First, the flavors are not muted or dull, thus allowing them to arise outside the confines of a cocktail heavy with juices and other potent alcohols. Secondly, the flavors presented in Semental allow new tequila drinkers to understand the true diversity and sweetness of a quality tequila.

Of course, tequila enthusiasts will love the sweet scents vanillas and often-found spicy white pepper. An avid drinker may find the finish disappears too quickly on the palate or tends to be a bit lighter in mouth-feel compared to a few other quality tequilas of slightly higher price point. Of course, arriving at a suggested retail price of USD $39.99 is a very good deal when you compare it to the over-marketed over-hyped brands that pride themselves on lack of flavor–tequila’s that I believe ruin the history and integrity of a good blanco.

In my opinion, Semental provides drinkers with one message in its spirit: “You don’t have to be a tasteless and scentless tequila anymore. It’s time to grow up and see what tequila is all about.”


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    Jo Diaz
    January 4, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    What a great write up on this Tequila. I’ve been learning about Tequila with the Tequila Semental products. Prior to Tequila Semental, I was only familiar with silvers, and they were only in blended drinks.

    I’ve grown up, I can admit… thanks for the chuckle.

    Happy New Year, Guys!

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