Flor de Caña Silver Rum Review

Flor-de-Cana-BottleTime to break into another silver rum, we’re sipping the Flor de Caña Extra Dry 4 Year. This rum, as expected, pours a crystal clear color, as clean looking as a naturally filtered water. The bottle design shows off the liquid extremely well, Flor de Caña’s bottle is perfectly clear which boasts clarity.

After pouring, the nose rises up to a fairly intense alcohol which burns the nasal passages a bit. Once I work through a third sniff I was able to get past some of the intensity and find the subtle caramel and pineapple-like sweet aromas. The more a nosed the glass the more sweet the flavor profile grew.

The taste is medium body, not too thick or mature but not watery either. The initial attack of flavors were lightly sweet with a hint of chocolate in the mid-palate transition but still has a slight tingling burn on the edges of my tongue. The finish is quite clean and clear with a bit of dryness and pineapple sweet notes.

Overall, Flor de Caña is a fun tasting experience even though it’s a bit intense on the alcoholic nose. I think this is a wise buy at some of the prices I’ve found on the Internet. For the cost of USD $14.99 you’re going to get a crisp and clean rum experience with slightly sweet tastes that don’t go overboard in any direction.


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    Dana Medler
    September 23, 2011 at 6:24 pm

    Can you please tell me the locations in 94541, 94546, 94577 where can get the 7 year silver from.

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