Don Q Grand Añejo Rum Review

Don Q Grand Anejo RumAged Copper with hints of gold and a mature demeanor; Don Q Grand Añejo Rum definitely shows its 12-year old age well. Pouring the Don Q Grand Añejo Rum brought scents of oak and brown sugar to my nose. I took a real sniff off the glass and found sweet dark toffee flavors, oak and vanilla with a smokey milk chocolate and a caramel twist.

I also poured a glass with a tad bit of water to inspire more flavors from this Puerto Rican rum. The glass with water brought stronger vanilla and oak with a light chocolate. Not much more was found with the additional water. I thought I was going to get more flavors with the water but didn’t find too much added flavor. Such is the way of science!

The taste of the Grand Añejo is warming with an initial attack of cinnamon and black pepper. I found the texture very smooth and not too thick, while it had great textures it had a delicate balance between viscosity and playful liquid. The second sip brought an over-ripened pineapple skin with a caramel mid-palate and a smooth creamy oak finish containing hints of chocolate and vanilla. I did find a light burn on the edges of my tongue, tickling the sour taste buds while bringing on a nice sweet oak to keep the balance pure.

Add a little water and you’ll get buttery pineapples and the burn still maintains on the edges of the tongue. After sitting for 10-minutes in the glass, I found the water brought out more bourbon properties with more oak than without the water.

Like any good aged spirit, I think this will be best enjoyed in a glass “neat.” After you’ve had a few glasses I’d experiment with watering it down a bit to bring out more of the bourbon properties and experience it all over again. A bottle of Don Q Grand Añejo Rum will cost around USD $59.99 which is a bit high for new rum drinkers but those that love to experience the complexities and nuances of a fine spirit will be willing to shell out the cash. You’ll get some classic whiskey nuances with the backbone of a Puerto Rican rum, which is exactly what I was hoping to receive.


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