Tres Generaciones Reposado Tequila Review

tres-generaciones-reposadoI’ve looked at Tres Generaciones Plata and Añejo and left Reposado for last in the list. I’m a fan of the reposado style because it typically fits well between a lighter “mix” Tequila and a sipping aged tequila. However, in my path I’ve seen plenty of great sipping silvers so there is some dispute in that assumption. Nevertheless, it’s time to hit up the reposado for a good tasting!

I’ve tasted Tres Generaciones Reposado both on ice and neat (at room temperature) to get the real truth of the spirit. With most quality tequila’s you’ll notice that an iced tequila and a neat tequila will result in a few different flavors that make both methods stand out, I suggest you always try a tequila both ways to enjoy all its dynamics.

The color of the reposado is classic light gold platting with nice clarity. The nose is a salty agave with a blend of black pepper and oak. A second and third sniff yield ocean salts and a slight alcohol that rises through the nasal passages at lightening speeds. On ice, I get a completely different experience with much more tropical sweet notes with almost a sugar cane aspect to the bouquet. The slight alcohols on the nose disappear when placed on ice which is nice.

The taste of Tres Generaciones Reposado is medium bodied, a bit lighter than I would have expected but has a very beautiful mid-palate caramel which transitions into a light finish that fades off to a sweet nectar. The attack is not very well defined, balanced more towards the mid-palate caramels. There is a good benefit to a lighter attack on the tongue for new tequila drinker because it becomes much more approachable as it leaves off any direct battle on the senses.

On ice the tequila seems to thicken a bit, perhaps its all in the senses as the chilled spirit plays on the tongue. The chilled reposado brings much more caramel on the mid-palate which transitions into the finish nicely. As many reposados would be, Tres Generaciones Reposado is easier to sip on the rocks than neat but it does lose a bit of its dynamic flare and oak appeal.

Overall, Tres Generaciones Reposado brings a good amount of complexity for its $47.99 price tag, although I’ve had a few more costly bottles that have trumped it in taste comparison. Buying this tequila for yourself will bring good experiences and I highly suggest gifting a bottle of Tres Generaciones Reposado to friends when holidays arise because its easily approachable to folks whom you might not be certain of their exact palate while still being regarded as a top tier tequila at a fairly standardized pricing.

You can find tequila’s for less money, no doubt, but many offer a bit more sour and less rounded finish. When comparing cost make sure you compare the clean finish as Tres Generaciones, of all styles, keeps well to a refined mature tasting experience reflected in its price point.


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