Campo Viejo Rioja 2003 Tempranillo Review

tempranillo-campo-viejoIt’s been about two months since I’ve had a red wine. Sometimes you just have to feel that “mood” and, tonight, I’m in the mood to share my experiences with Camp Viejo 2003 Reserva Tempranillo. When it comes to red wines, Tempranillo is one of the best finds on the planet in my humble opinion.

Spanish Tempranillo has a great color, almost dark plum purple and red, unique. The nose of the 2003 Campo Viejo is classic Tempranillo, a bit of smokey bacon scents mixed with dark partially ripe plum (a bit sour) with hints of thick black soils of its homeland. We’ve reviewed Tempranillo’s before with the smokey bacon flavors and continue to find exciting bouquets. A must try for wine drinkers that have refused to move on from their standard selection of reds.

Upon tasting the 2003 Campo Viejo, you’ll be entertained by the light cherry flavors on the attack followed by a strong plum mid-palate finishing with a smokey bacon which lasts long enough to wet your appetite for some Gouda Cheeses. Although you’ll crave a smokey Gouda we don’t suggest it as a pairing with this wine as it just brings way too much smokey bacon. Too much of a good thing is simply too much.

Overall, this wine rolls in at roughly $16.99 and is well worth the cost of admission. You’re gaining a rich experience in Spansih Wines at a very effective cost for a 2003 red. You’ll find it’s smooth to the taste, with great hearty fruits that do not bombard you palate and ovetake your senses. We highly suggest you give the Campo Viejo a go or at least expand your palate into the realm of Tempranillo.


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    Lee S
    October 24, 2009 at 9:53 pm

    We just drank a bottle of this vintage tonight. It has only been about 7 months since you wrote this review, so our bottle isn’t much older than yours.

    I’ve seen a lot of these reviews mention the heavy fruit flavour of this wine. We found our bottle tasted like raisins, with a distinctly port-like flavour. I didn’t get any smokey bacon taste at all. My wife and mother-in-law definitely didn’t like it. I left it open for a couple of hours to see if it would change at all. I’m trying to decide if I like it…which isn’t usually a good sign.

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      Derrick Schommer
      October 24, 2009 at 10:25 pm

      I wrote it a few months ago but I still love it. My favorite so far, I can see how perhaps Raisins can come to mind, I can also see how some wouldn’t like it. Leaving it out should definitely change it up and give it a bit more subtle flavor.

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    October 14, 2010 at 2:35 pm

    In my opinion, this campo viejo is worth a try. I enjoyed my bottle of it….i think more so for its slight velvety tendency and hint of vanilla. I can’t recall a smokey bacon though. hmmm must try it again~

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